Perpendicular Magnetic Storage Media

Perpendicular Magnetic Storage Media has a higher storage density than traditional magnetic storage media. Research is currently focused on the characterization of perpendicular magnetic memory devices fabricated in different conditions using transmission electron microscopy to help inprove storage density and device stability.

Quantum Dot Solar Cells

Quantum dot solar cells hold great promise for improved quantum yield. TEM is utilized to study the effects of radiation damage on the size and distribution of the quantum dots in the solar cell structure. Advanced electron energy loss techniques are also being investigated to carefully study the band gap energy for individual quantum dots.

Nanoparticles Conjugated to Biological Systems

Nanoparticles are currently being investigated as possible tools help to diagnose and treat cancer. in this research the conjugation of nanoparticles, particularly Raman active gold core nanoparticles, to biological systems is studied using both SEM and TEM. The goal of this work is to understand where the nanoparticles accumulate in biological systems as well as to identify successful targeting methods for treating or diagnosing cancer.

Hydrogen Storage Media

Magnesium is studied as a Hydrogen storage media. The purpose of this work is to study the phase change in magnesium as it becomes saturated with hydrogen forming magnesium hydride. By studying the phase change using TEM as the magnesium is loaded and unloaded with hydrogen the efficiency of loading can be obtained.